Nov. 9th, 2012

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SAGE открыл на весь ноябрь свободный доступ к статьям. Ищу Moses. Наткнулась на совершенно замечательный Abstract:
The Biblical Story of Moses: Lessons in Leadership for Business

Paul J. Herskovitz and
Esther E. Klein

Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Summer/Fall 1999; vol. 6, 3-4: pp. 84-95.

Executive Summary

Although classical literature has served as a lens for examining leadership in organizations, leadership studies in business, for the most part, have ignored the Bible. In our paper, we aim to fill this gap by exploring the story of Moses and examining the lessons that business scholars and practitioners can learn from this biblical narrative. The leadership of Moses is worth study because the insights that managers will gain may be useful to them in introducing and navigating needed organizational changes and in confronting challenges. In addition, Moses' leadership deserves consideration because such an inquiry will advance our understanding of the various theories and models of leadership. Towards these ends, this paper investigates the leadership of Moses from its beginnings in the royal court of Pharaoh, through the Exodus and the wanderings of the Hebrews in the wilderness, to the loss of that leadership by his failure to adapt his style of leadership to new conditions.

Особенно самая последняя фраза доставляет =)


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